Lactation Support

In addition to working as a birth and postpartum doula, I am a trained Lactation Educator through UC San Diego, and  qualified to assist with normal breastfeeding challenges and provide breastfeeding education.

Doulas can Help Lower Birth Risks
According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists “evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-on-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as doulas, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor. Benefits found in randomized trials include shortened labor, decreased need for analgesia, few operative deliveries, and fewer reports of dissatisfaction with the experience of labor.”

Doulas Provide Additional Support for Doctors
Doctors and nurses are often happy to have doulas working with them. Medical-care providers are watching out for so many aspects of you and your baby's clinical care that they aren't necessarily able to provide the emotional support you may desire in labor.  As your Doula I can help you feel less anxious, and that sense of calm can often lead to a safer labor and birth.

 "A holistic care approach -- one that involves an integrated team, including a physician, midwife, nurse, doula, and other health educators -- allows everyone to play toward their strengths and provide the mother continuous support and education," Dr. Byrne.

Doulas Provide Support for Your Partner Too!
Many partners want to be there for the mother of their child, but may end up feeling anxious and fearful, not knowing the best way to be supportive. As your doula I can help by providing reassurance and affirmation for both parents. I can help your partner feel more comfortable and confident in the support they are providing during this important time by guiding and teaching helpful comforting measures.

Postpartum Doula


is more important

than your family!


I also guide you in formulating your birth prefernces (plan) and will suggest various books, web sites or movies that may be of interest to you

Birth Doula

 As a postpartum doula, I work with families to help this transition of adding a family member go smoothly and help make it a more empowering and peaceful experience.

​​​Why have a birth doula?

Doulas are All About YOU!
As your Doula it is my sole purpose to provide physical, emotional, and information support during your labor and birth.

Doulas Can be a Personal Resource Guide
I can provide you with evidence based, up to date, accurate information about pregnancy and labor. As your Doula I can offer advice in a personal, nonclinical way that is specific to you and your pregnancy. Don’t let Google lead to undue stress.

Because babies don’t come with instruction manuals!

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